David Múnera Ledesma

My name is David Múnera.

I’m a 27 year old (web) designer & photographer from Bogotá (Colombia).

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Hi! Nice meeting you. My name is David Munera Ledesma, i’m a graphic/web designer and photographer from Bogotá, Colombia. I’ve been in this business for about 7 years now, mostly working on branding and web design for several companies. Creativity is my passion. Feel free to contact me and tell me about your next project, I would love to be a part of it!


Web Design: 6 years of experience 100% Graphic Design: 6 years of experience 100% Branding: 4 years of experience 90% Photography: 2 years of experience 80% Illustration: Not my thing! 0%

work &

Web/Graphic design, Photography:Currently

Content designer:2015 – 2016
Enlink (Bilbao – Madrid, Spain)

Digital photography:2012 – 2013
Zona Cinco (Bogotá, Colombia)

Creative director:2012 – 2015
Agencia Mapache (Bogotá, Colombia)

Web designer:2011 – 2015
GarabatoCorp (Bogotá, Colombia)

Graphic Design:2011 – 2012
Unitec (Bogotá, Colombia)

Web designer:2011 – 2012
Bilateral (Bogotá, Colombia)


HTML 100% CSS 100% PHP 50% Javascript 30% Illustrator 90% Photoshop 100% After Effects 50% Premiere 30%

Want me to be part of your next project? Let’s talk!

Want me to be part of your next project?
Let's talk!

Find me on: